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Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I take this opportunity to pass along my thanks and appreciation to our teaching staff here at North Greene for all they do for our kids. Teaching is not an easy job and it has become increasingly difficult the past few years with so many reform movements: some good, others not so much.         

 The PARCC test steals valuable time from classroom instruction, yet teachers are held even more accountable for what they’re able to teach and what children learn. There seems to be an obvious disconnect here. News stories continue to push a false narrative about how unsuccessful public schools are and reforms continue to be made with little benefit for schools and increased profits for the friends of many reformers.         

Teacher pensions (Self disclosure here: mine, too) are constantly attacked and efforts continue to downgrade them. (NOTE: Illinois does not have a pension problem. It has a pension debt problem, the fault for which sits firmly with the Illinois General Assembly – not teachers.)         

The result of all of this is that soon, very soon, there will be a drastic teacher shortage in Illinois. The number of candidates for teaching jobs coming out of Illinois universities is far below that group’s size a few years ago and continues to decline.         

 So, thank a teacher the next time you see them. They won’t be here for all that long. They’re doing a much better job than they’re given credit for. And they’ll be difficult to replace.

Coultas Named Interim Superintendent         

Mr. Lawrence Coultas has been named Interim Superintendent, beginning July 1, 2015. Mr. Coultas will serve the District in this capacity for 95 days during the 2015-2016 school years.         

Mr. Mark Scott, currently principal at North Greene Elementary, has been named Supervising Principal while he works at Western Illinois University on his superintendent’s endorsement. The Board of Education will consider him for a full-time superintendent upon the completion of his program at WIU.         

Mr. Mark Darr is to become the Principal at NGE, replacing Mr. Scott at the Roodhouse building. This leaves Mrs. Keppen Clanton at the Junior-Senior High School without an assistant principal; but, she will continue to serve the District well in her capacity as Principal.         

 Changes like this can be challenging; but, with these challenges come opportunities. Great things are ahead for the North Greene Unit District No. 3 and I look forward to hearing about all them in my retirement.

Les Stevens, Superintendent




217-374-2131 (HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE)

ALSO: 217-374-2146

217-374-2616 (JUNIOR HIGH OFFICE)




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