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“Sound of Music” Was Golden

My wife and I attended the Saturday evening performance of “The Sound of Music.” Once again we were amazed at the talent level with which our community and schools are blessed. The show was a wonderful experience. Attendance was great and I’m told that Sunday’s attendance was better than some recent Sunday performances.

This Broadway musical, featuring the famous Rogers and Hammerstein duo, is celebrating a fifty-fifth anniversary this year and the movie version, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, was recently celebrated at the Oscars for its fiftieth anniversary. I personally have fond memories of watching the movie several times on TV, which I particularly enjoyed because of the huge crush I had on Angela Cartwright who played one (Brigitta) of the seven Von Trapp children. Men of a certain age will understand. Cartwright went on to play Danny Thomas’ step-daughter on the long-running TV show, “Make Room for Daddy” and on “Lost in Space.” She was, to this pre-teen boy, “so cute.”

So, I have fond memories of “The Sound of Music” and the music, so well performed by our high school students, allowed me to jump into the way-back machine and enjoy the ride. Thanks, then, to the cast and crew of the North Greene High School production of this classic musical.

Congratulations to Beth Burrus, Lesa Jackson, Barb Neece, Cindy Rice and Karen Voigts, and, again, the cast and crew of “The Sound of Music” for providing us with a wonderful performance and an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the talent we have in our school.

Les Stevens, Superintendent




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