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Alcohol (and Smoking) at Football Games

Following recent home football games evidence has turned up which indicates that someone or a group of people have been bring alcoholic beverages onto the Junior-Senior High School campus during those games.

235 ILCS 5/6-16(e) of the School Code states “Any person who has alcoholic liquor in his possession on public school property on school days or at events on public school property when children are present is guilty of a petty offense, unless the alcoholic liquor (i) is in the original container with the seal unbroken and is in the possession of a person who is not otherwise legally prohibited from possessing the alcoholic liquor or (ii) is in the possession of a person in or for the performance of a religious service or ceremony authorized by the school board.”

Local School Board policy 8:30 also prohibits the consumption, possession, distribution of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. This includes being “under the influence of” these substances. Policy 8:40 addresses this behavior as well.

Furthermore, the IHSA (Illinois High School Association), under whose banner these athletic contests are played prohibits “(T)he possession, distribution, sale and or consumption of alcoholic the site and on any affiliated property of any IHSA state series contest.” I trust that this rule specifies that its prohibition of alcohol “at the site and on any affiliated property” (including parking lots, fan accommodations areas, and other school or event venue property) because some sites for state series are held on premises other than school property and the assumption is, as always, public school properties are “alcohol free zones.”

So, there is absolutely no reason for students or adults to possess or consume alcoholic beverages at any school event. While the football team is in the midst of a wonderful and exciting season, it would be a shame if others ruined it with such inappropriate behaviors. Offenders "may be ejected from the event" (Board Policy 8:40) and "is also subject to being denied admission to school events or meetings for up to noe calendar year."Let’s support the boys as they continue to drive toward a playoff birth and leave the alcohol at home.

While we have your attention: Smoking is also prohibited on school grounds – at all times. The school grounds include those areas just outside the gates to our football field. Smokers should walk west to the sidewalks bordering Main Street to smoke. (Board Policy 8:30 and 8:40)

The school/district administration thanks you for your cooperation. 






217-374-2131 (HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE)

ALSO: 217-374-2146

217-374-2616 (JUNIOR HIGH OFFICE)