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October 27, 2014

Open Letter to the VOTERS of Macoupin, Jersey, Greene and Calhoun Counties, 

Recently the Illinois Policy Institute began flooding residents in Macoupin, Jersey, Greene and Calhoun counties with negative emails, phone calls, and social media posts in an effort to impact the proposed County Schools Facilities Sales Tax ballot proposal.  Their negative ad campaign is riddled with false 400% tax hike claims, lucrative deals with bond companies, and exaggerations that will detract from the facts related to the County Schools Facilities Sales Tax ballot proposal.  Their goal is to sling as much mud as possible hoping something will stick and impact voters.  Regardless if you support or do not support the County Schools Facilities Sales Tax ballot proposal and the potential impact it could have on school facilities, I respect your opinion, because you are a LOCAL voter who is familiar with OUR area, OUR needs, and OUR issues.  My ISSUE, an OUTSIDE organization, (the Illinois Policy Institute is located in Chicago and their main headquarters, State Policy, is located in Arlington, Virginia) that has LIKELY never traveled to Grafton, toured a Route 66 landmark, picked peaches in Calhoun County or eaten at the Brass Door, is trying to impact a LOCAL decision and knows nothing about OUR area.  This is a LOCAL ballot proposal, to be determined by LOCAL voters, not an organization from Chicago with major political ties to the State of Virginia.

However you vote on November 4th is your right, I only ask that your decision be based on LOCAL and FACTUAL information.  The simple fact remains, if you spend $1,000 on the impacted retail purchases (clothing, restaurants, electronics, gas, etc.) the proposed 1% County Schools Facilities Sales Tax ballot proposal, if successful, would increase your cost $10, bringing  the total purchase price to $1,010.  This is an increase of 1%, a far cry from the 400% claims the Illinois Policy Institute has thrown around.  However this OUTSIDE organization twists, turns, and stretches the facts, 1% is still 1%.

The County Schools Facilities Sales Tax is a LOCAL matter, voted on by the residents of Macoupin, Jersey, Greene and Calhoun counties.  I am concerned why an OUTSIDE organization,  who would have trouble navigating our rural areas, let alone finding our counties on the map, has taken such an interest and feels the need to bring their political mudslinging tactics to OUR area.  What is their motive?  This is a LOCAL matter!   

I urge everyone to make sure you filter information from OUTSIDERS, make an informed decision absent of political tactics, gather the facts associated with the County School Facilities Sales Tax, keep this a LOCAL matter, and don't forget to vote November 4th.


Your Superintendent,

Les Stevens



217-374-2131 (HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE)

ALSO: 217-374-2146

217-374-2616 (JUNIOR HIGH OFFICE)