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Window Film Installed – Said to Stop (or Delay) Entry by Intruder

Workers from Windows Security Systems in Edwardsville have been on campus at both North Greene Elementary and North Greene Junior-Senior High School this week, installing 3M Ultra 800 film to many of the schools’ entrances, as well as other glass at ground level. An attachment system will be added soon. Costs will total $20,500 for both schools together. Total costs will be reimbursed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s School Safety Grant.

Work must be completed by June 30 and it will be much sooner than that when our installation is complete.

If you’ll recall the horrific incident at Sandy Hook Elementary in December of 2013, the “active shooter” gained entry by breaking a window next to the front door. This film is made to resist such an easy break-in. It’s said the film will delay an intruder, even one with an axe, allowing school personnel and students to go into lockdown and inform first responders of the intruder’s attempt to gain entry to their school building. Every second such an intruder is delayed will, in theory, save more lives.

The film is not bullet-proof. Such an extensive innovation would be much too costly for any school to incur. But this strong film will make entry much more difficult, perhaps even frustrating enough to send an armed intruder packing before police arrive on the scene.

We take these measures, of course, to prevent entry by someone will ill intent. The hope is that it never gets tested here at North Greene. But this installation will make us all a bit safer.

NOTE: An “active shooter” drill, required by law in Illinois each year, is scheduled for

Wednesday, April 22

right after an early dismissal of students. They will be dismissed at 2:15 (NGE students just a bit earlier) so all teaching staff can converge on North Greene Elementary, allowing local and county police to stage the drill before teachers are dismissed at 3:30. Our thanks to local authorities for helping us prepare for, again, something we hope never takes place. Still, we must do these drills and it’s better to be prepared than not.We will be reminding you next week of the impending drill and early dismissal on Wednesday.

Thank you.

Les Stevens, Superintendent




217-374-2131 (HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE)

ALSO: 217-374-2146

217-374-2616 (JUNIOR HIGH OFFICE)




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