Dear North Greene Unit District #3,

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, reflection, and a time to focus on the good in our lives. We will remain hopeful of what is yet to come. I know that we have endured many months of hardship together. While staying the course throughout the pandemic, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to each individual this holiday season. 

Over these past two school years we have all made great sacrifices, changed traditions, and been very flexible with our work and home lives. We have all done our part to try to get back to normal.

As we prepare for the holiday season, my message is clear: 

Thank You To Our NGUD #3 Community!

In this time of Thanksgiving, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of those in our NGUD #3 communities who make it truly a special place. We have come together to support our students, their families, and the North Greene communities throughout this pandemic. 

Thank you to our families for working alongside our schools as we continue to navigate all of the uncertainty that these past two years have brought. We know that it has not been easy nor has it been ideal. But together we have worked to make the best of it on behalf of our students and provide them with meaningful and engaging educational experiences. 

Thank you to our teachers. You are at the forefront of our student interactions and success. No matter the learning model,  you have stepped up to support our students and their families during these difficult times.

Thank you to our Title teachers, intervention specialists,  coordinators, and all special education staff. Your work with our students with special needs during these times  is invaluable.

Thank you to our principals and other administrators.  Your leadership and guidance drive the work of our schools and the connections with our students and families. 

Thank you to our food services staff for keeping our children fed each day. These staff members have been on the front lines of our pandemic response since last March, and their support of our community has been unwavering. 

Thank you to our school nurses. Your work has always been an important component of our organization but never more than during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Our nurses have been leading our health and safety planning, and their guidance has been critical in keeping all of us safe.

Thank you to our school counselors, social workers, and mental health staff for focusing on supporting the whole student and especially the social and emotional health of our students.

Thank you to our paraprofessionals for supporting the work of our teachers and schools and ensuring we meet the needs of all in our school communities.

Thank you to our bus drivers and transportation staff.  You have been transporting our students delivering meals and serving our students each day since last March.

Thank you to our custodians, maintenance director, and mechanic, -- for continually keeping our buildings and buses in great condition and ready for our staff and students.

Thank you to our coaches and athletics staff for your work with our student-athletes.  Not only were you there to mentor and coach our young athletes, but you also adhere to the health and safety protocols that are necessary to ensure these opportunities can be available to students.

Thank you to all of our substitute teachers and staff for stepping in to fill roles that are necessary to keep our schools and district running.

Thank you to our Board of Education members for their leadership in these trying times and for being the voice of the community they serve.

Thank you to all of our community partners and civic leaders. This year has proven that it takes a village to provide the education and support that all of our students deserve. 

No matter your role in our district, please know that you are valued and appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire North Greene community! 


Mark Scott Superintendent of North Greene Unit District #3