FAFSA Completion Night-Thursday, Oct. 21st 5:30-7pm in the Commons (during parent teacher conference night). 

Bring your parent/guardian and your laptop! 

You will need your social security number and maybe your drivers license number. 

Unless you are an "independent student," you will need to provide information from the parent that you live with for more than 50% of the time only--it will ask that parent about their 2020 financial info/tax info, and usually they can pull this information right into the form through a link within the application.

Again, this is the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)--it is how you get free money from the government to go to college. If you at all believe you may go to college/trade school, you will need to complete this form. 

If you do not wish to complete the FAFSA, you can sign a waiver form to meet this graduation requirement, and the waiver forms can be found on Ms. Ford's door in the office.

The first thing you will have to do is create an FSA ID (create an account for you the student, with a username and password).  Your parent/guardian will also need to create an account.  You will use this log in information every year when completing the FAFSA, so save it!

Here is our ISAC rep's contact info if you have questions about completing the FAFSA:

Catherine Throm
ISACorps Member, Lewis & Clark Community College District
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Work Cell: (618)429-0003

FAFSA Completion Night is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021 from 5:30-7pm during Parent/Teacher Conference night.  More information to come!

DATE: 5/3/21

Dear Senior Parent/Guardian,

New this year, the State of Illinois is requiring that senior students complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form as a graduation requirement. The form can be completed by going to Our school contact for help in completing this form is:

Jenna Inman

Representative for Lewis and Clark Community College District

Illinois Student Assistance Commission


If you do not plan to complete this application for aid for college, you can sign a waiver form to meet the graduation requirement as well.

As of 5/3/21, we do not have record that your senior student has completed the FAFSA form. Please return the accompanied letter, signed, to meet the graduation requirement.


Amber Ford, School Counselor

North Greene High School

217-374-2131 Ext. 203

The ISAC reps that helped us with our Financial Aid/FAFSA completion night are available online for help completing the FAFSA. 


Saturday, Oct 17, 10 am -12 pm CT

Wednesday, Oct 21, 6-8 pm CT

Monday, Oct 26, 6-8 pm CT

Thursday, Oct 29, 6-8 pm CT

Wednesday, Nov 4, 6-8 pm CT

Saturday, Nov 14, 10 am -12 pm CT

Tuesday, Nov 17, 6-8 pm CT

Register at:

Workshops are free but registration

is required.

Go to to get started with the application!

Financial Aid Night-Thursday, Oct. 15th from 5-7pm at North Greene High School AND via Zoom.  Contact Ms. Ford at: for Zoom meeting info.   Representatives from Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) will be streamed for a line by line FAFSA completion presentation and they will be available by chat via Zoom.  Students/parents bring your laptops and 2019 tax info if you will attend in person.  Info was mailed home to all senior parents about creating your FSA ID before attending.