The North Greene Unit District No. 3 is a public school district organized under the laws of the State of Illinois, as a quasi-municipal corporation for the education of children of legal school age.

The governing body of the district is the Board of Education which is composed of the following persons:

Karen Daniels Member

David Hallock Member

Cale Hoesman Member, Vice President

Casey Kallal Member

Casey Nell Member

Kevin Nichols Member

Stacy Schutz President

The administrative officers/administrators of the district are:

Mark Scott Superintendent

Melissa Killam Special Education Coordinator/Supervisor

Tiffany Mumford Treasurer/Bookkeeper

Barbara Neece Board of Ed./Superintendent Secretary

Amanda Macias Junior-Senior High School Principal

Jaclyn Kuchy North Greene Elementary Principal

There are three offices and facilities of the district located, as follows:

Administrative Education Center 250 East Sherman Street, White Hall

North Greene Junior-Senior High School 546 North Main Street, White Hall

North Greene Elementary School 403 West North Street, Roodhouse

There are approximately 140 full-time and 3 part-time employees in the district with an enrollment of approximately 856 students as of June, 2019.

The committees of the Board of Education and their members are appointed as needed, as follows:

Athletic/Personnel—Kevin Nichols, Casey Nell, Stacy Schutz

Budget/Tax Levy--Cale Hoesman, Karen Daniels, Casey Nell

Buildings & Grounds—Kevin Nichols, David Hallock, Casey Kallal

Closed Session Minutes—Stacy Schutz, Cale Hoesman

Curriculum--Stacy Schutz, Karen Daniels, Kevin Nichols

Goals--Cale Hoesman, David Hallock, Casey Kallal

Policy--David Hallock, Cale Hoesman, Casey Kallal

Representative to the Four Rivers Special Education Cooperative District--

Stacy Schutz; Alternate:David Hallock

July, 2019