Dear Students, Parents, and Families,

With 11% of our student population still on the remote learning option, we want to
ask you to please encourage your student/s to regularly attend live classes
through Google Meets, and preferably, with cameras on.  In order to earn
passing grades, students must not only regularly attend Google Meets classes,
they must also complete all coursework assignments. Many students are logging
in late, logging out early, and emailing teachers to stay on track with their
attendance; however, these actions, in and of themselves, do not earn passing
grades. We do not want students failing, not earning credits, or possibly being
retained for lack of effort. Your child cannot do nothing while on remote learning
and earn credit or advance to the next grade if work is not completed in a timely
Student attendance and academic engagement are important to stay on track for
elementary, junior high, and high school promotion/graduation. We want our
students to be best prepared for the years following high school. We have
planned social/emotional lessons for our students.  Please be sure your students
are also taking exploratory and study hall classes seriously as part of their school
Thank you for your diligence in tandem with us to ensure high-quality learning
and to improve student outcomes. We are asking that our remote families
recognize the importance of attending live sessions and completing all
assignments. Without your cooperation, our staff will be unable to help your
student make adequate academic progress. If you or someone you know is still
in need of wi-fi access, please have them contact their child’s attendance center
to get a device.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Mark Scott-Superintendent of NGUD #3