North Greene Unit District NO. 3

February 6, 2022  

Dear North Greene Unit District #3 Students, Staff, Families, and Community,  

As many of you know, late Friday afternoon, a Sangamon County judge entered a temporary restraining order (TRO) for students and teachers, which prohibits excluding students and teachers who object to wearing a mask or are close contacts without appropriate due process and excluding staff who do not test weekly.  

The State defendants have already requested to stay the enforcement meaning the rules in effect last week would remain until the appellate court could rule which is very likely to happen within the next two weeks.  The decision on the stay order is most likely going to occur in the next few days.  

What does this mean for NGUD #3 right now?  Even though NGUD #3 is not named in the lawsuit ruling from Friday, it is our intent to abide by the TRO until otherwise directed by the stay order or the appellate court. We recommend the use of masks, COVID testing, we will not exclude students or staff for not wearing masks or testing.  Masking on school buses will still be required. We will follow what is soon to be determined legal by the courts.  This may mean that full masking, testing, and quarantine may return sooner than later.  

Please understand that whether the TRO remains in effect or not, the legal issues remain to be unresolved at this time.  NGUD #3 will continue to closely monitor this situation and make changes as needed when legal precedent is set by the legal proceedings.  

We completely understand that this will bring some of you happiness and relief while others may be uncomfortable.  Unfortunately at this time Illinois public schools are put in a no-win situation, as has been the case for quite some time now.  We will continue with all other mitigation measures until we get further clarification and clear direction from the courts.   

Thanks to all for remaining patient as this situation evolves and for your continued support and commitment to our students, staff, and community as a whole.  


Mark Scott
Superintendent of North Greene Unit District #3