Registration will be held for ALL grades as follows:

On Line Registration Will Be Available – July 22 

In Person -WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5—8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


-Open During the Lunch Hour for Registration-

-Those attending in person will be required to wear masks and social distance 6 feet at all times.-


All North Greene students, regardless of the location of their program or attendance center, are to complete the registration process at this time.  Parents/guardians of new students to the school district, including Pre-K and Kindergarten, will need to attend in person registration for their student on August 5 from 8:00 a.m. until 8 p.m. at the Jr.-Sr. High.  Kindergarten students should attend with parents for a screening session that should last approximately 30 minutes.  Only 50 people may be in the commons at a time, please be patient and respectful of one another.


Students enrolling for the first time are required to present a certified or registered birth certificate, immunization record and must present proof of residency within the District by providing the required number of documents from each of the following categories:  

Category I (one document required)

                                    Most recent property tax bill and proof of payment, e.g. canceled check or Form 1098 (homeowners)

                                    Mortgage papers (homeowners)

                                    Signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s payment, e.g. canceled check or receipts (renters)

                                    Letter from manager and proof of last month’s payment, e.g. canceled check or receipt (trailer park residents)

                                    Letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease (7:60-E1)

                                    Letter of residence to be used when the person seeking to enroll a student is living with a District resident (7:60-E2)

                                                      Category II (Two documents showing proper address is required)

                                    Driver’s license

                                    Vehicle registration

                                    Voter registration

                                    Most recent cable television and/or credit card bill

                                    Current public aid card

                                    Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium payment receipt

                                    Most recent gas, electric, and/or water bill

                                    Current library card

                                    Receipt for moving van rental

                                    Mail received at new residences

Online registration will also be available beginning July 22 and is encouraged. Prior to the start of online registration, please try to log in to your Skyward Family Access Account.  If you are unable to log in, please send an email to . If you do not have electronic access for online registration you may also come to the Jr.-Sr. High on August 5 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. to register your students online and computers will be made available to you.


Parents/guardians simply need to visit our District website at, click Menu at the top,

scroll down to Skyward Access and click the link.  Once logged into Skyward, you will see a Registration 20-21 button when the registration window opens.  Complete the steps one at a time for each student and submit your registration.  You will receive confirmation if you completed each step correctly.  It should only take you a few minutes per student.  You can complete the process anytime during the registration window from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet, or your cell phone. NOTE: this process does not work in the Skyward app.  You must be logged in via the actual North Greene Skyward site.  You can even make payments with credit/debit cards during the registration process.


Various fees are as follows:

K-8th Textbook Fees                $50.00)--Total per Family Cap of $150.00
9-12th Textbook Fees                $60.00)--Total per Family Cap of $180.00


Technology Fee                         $    5.00)--Grades K-12
Driver Ed. Fee                           $100.00)--Due at semester of enrollment, plus State fee of $20.00
Parking Fee                                 $  25.00)--H.S.--PARKING PERMITS WILL BE ISSUED ON AUGUST 6th FROM 8-10:00 a.m., NOT DURING REGISTRATION.

ATHLETIC FEES—Per Season, Per Athlete Fee --6th-12th Grade=$25.00 (includes all district-funded sports,

 cheerleaders, and pompons--Family Cap, per year for Entire District of $125

  SUPPLEMENTAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE—Is available for purchase at an additional charge.

Click here to open a PDF of the 20-21 Registration