NG Athletics Announcement

With the Governor and the IHSA's release this afternoon, we find ourselves in a whirlwind of change. To keep everyone up to speed, here is a quick summation of the IHSA guidelines put forth today, as they push back fall sports.

Fall (Aug. 10 - Oct. 24)

  • Boys and Girls Cross Country

Winter (Nov. 16 - Feb. 13)

  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Contests begin on 11/30 within WIVC or IL Covid Region
  • Max of 2 games per week, no tournaments
  • Spectators subject to IDPH guidelines

Spring (Feb. 15 - May 1)

  • Football and Volleyball
  • Contests begin 3/1 for VB, and 3/5 for FB
  • Max of 2 games per week for VB, no tournaments
  • FB still at 1 game a week, and will have a 7 game regular season, with a regional post-season
  • Spectators subject to IDPH guidelines

Summer (May 3 - June 26)

  • Baseball, Softball, and Track
  • Contests begin on 5/17
  • Max of 2 meets per week for Track, and 3 games per week for BB and SB, if one of the events is a DH
  • Spectators subject to IDPH guidelines

As for IESA, JH sports are still up in the air. They have recently released a statement, with the possibility of bringing back JH BB, SB, and Cross Country. I will keep everyone up to date on any changes that may occur.

Remember, all of this is at the beginning stages, and I'm sure there will be changes that come down from the IHSA and IESA. Thank you to everyone for being patient, as we work through this chaos to do what we can for the young people of our community.