There is a great deal of excitement in the air, as our student athletes finally get the opportunity to compete. The last week has been a whirlwind of scheduling, planning, and preparing here at North Greene. Our HS Boys Basketball, HS Girls Basketball, JH Boys Basketball, and JH Volleyball programs will kick off their seasons next week.

Due to the IDPH guidelines put into place, stating that spectators must be 30’ from the playing surface, North Greene will not be able to allow spectators at their athletic contests at this time. 

We will be live streaming all of our contests on the NFHS Network for both HS and JH events. We are working on setting up the ability to record road contests as well, so that they can be live streamed, as well as available as video on demand. Other schools may be using the NFHS Network, or other options such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live. Central Illinois Sports, and other organizations will be broadcasting games as well. We will make sure to post information on the school website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and the Daily Spartan about sources where contests can be found.

To address issues with Cheer, the IHSA/IESA and IDPH guidelines state that Cheerleaders must be 30’ off of the floor, and should avoid shouting, singing, and chanting. Our gym space does not allow for the 30’ of space required, for the Cheerleaders to be present. This is very unfortunate for our young ladies involved with Cheer at the HS and JH levels. In an effort to provide an opportunity for our students to perform, we will be creating a Cheer Performance Event, where our HS and JH cheer squads will perform their cheers, dances, and routines. This event will be live streamed through our NFHS Network for parents and fans to enjoy live as well as video on demand.

We completely understand that this is not an ideal situation for athletes, parents, and fans, but the important piece to remember, is that all of this is for our kids. We are very grateful for our students to have the opportunity to return to athletics. We appreciate all of the support and flexibility that our parents and community members have shown during this trying time. Thank you for always being there for our North Greene students. Best of luck to all of our teams this year. Go Blue!!!